Discovering Dublin

We arrived in Dublin around 10am. After a somewhat cramped car ride, while fitting 4 people and 9 bags into a tiny sedan, we made it to our hotel.  My first impression of the The Morgan Hotel was that it didn’t have an impressive lobby. But, after exploring the area around the hotel, the location is a definite wow factor. It’s just a block from the Temple Bar and centrally located to all the shops and dining you could want.  Now.. I’m a bit of a hotel snob, so while this hotel was updated and clean with very comfortable beds, I have to tell you the downside to this hotel was the size of the rooms and bathrooms.  However, we were only here two nights, so for the price and location, I would definitely stay here again. Two days is really all you need in Dublin.  Hit the highlights and then move along to the prettier parts of Ireland.  I hate to down play Dublin because it was a great first stop and I loved it as soon as I got there. But, once you get to the countryside you will understand why you don’t want to spend the majority of your time here. . 


Restaurants to try and what to order 

The Church Restaurant and Bar- Fish and Chips of course 

The Brazen Head Pub- The chicken wings, fish and chips,  and beer of course.  

Bison- the pulled pork tacos YUM

Lemon Jelly Cafe- all of their breakfast items are phenomenal- I’d go avocado toast for sure

Dollard and Co. - Buttermilk Chicken Burger 

For Cocktails

Bull and Castle - the bartender upstairs is from Luxembourg.  Tell him what you like and he can make the most amazing craft cocktails.  Go during the day before dinner when it’s slow and he has the time to make these amazing concoctions.

The Vintage Cocktail lounge (speakeasy hidden bar) - location is 15 CROWN ALLEY, TEMPLE BAR.  You will see a black rusted door with block stickers on it that says VCC.  It looks like a back door but it’s not.  Ring the inconspicuous bell and someone will be right down to let you in. 

Once upstairs. you will feel like you stepped back in time to the 1920’s.  

  • Try the dirty Wizard - Ketel One Original Vodka (Chilli-Infused), VCC Gingerbread and Blackcurrant Liqueur, cranberry juice, fresh citrus, egg whites, with ginger nut rim, berry skewer and a fresh mint sprig. 

  • If you are hungry you can’t go wrong with the pork belly, Charcuterie board, or spicy chicken wings. 


-Download an app called Free Now.  It’s Dublin’s version of Uber or Lyft. Works great and drivers were wonderful.