Do I need travel insurance?

Sometimes things happen at exactly the wrong time - like right before that tropical vacation you've planned for months. We're often asked if purchasing travel insurance is worth the additional cost. Our response is usually - "it depends".

Just like any insurance, travel insurance coverage varies greatly, so you need to know what you're getting. Many credit card companies and online booking sites offer travel protection, but when you read the fine print, you'll find that many don't cover common life situations, such as job loss or pregnancy.

You should also factor in other risks such as medical conditions and age of travelers. For example, a couple of empty-nesters might have fewer travel risks than a family with three kids or a family traveling with elderly family members.

We typically recommend that our clients purchase 'Cancel for any reason' coverage. While this type of travel insurance costs more, anything will be covered when you need to use it with no questions asked. 

Just last week, one of our clients had to cancel because of a medical situation. Because they had 'Cancel for any reason' coverage, their trip was cancelled and their money was refunded almost immediately without any questions.

We'll be glad to talk through your specific situation to give you guidance on travel insurance.